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Nothing matters more than family, which is why your choice of attorney is so important when dealing with a serious family law issue. Whether you are facing a divorce, a child custody dispute, or a property division, Harding Law Offices will approach your case with a focus on finding the individualized solution that is right for you. When we meet with you for the first time in a free initial consultation, we will listen to your situation, ask questions to understand your goals, and then walk you through each step of the legal process so you know what to expect along the way. 

We Tailor Our Approach To Your Needs

We recognize that your time and money are valuable, and that entrusting your family’s future to an attorney can be a frightening prospect. We are committed to proving to you that we are worthy of your trust. Whether we are negotiating a favorable settlement or aggressively pursuing litigation, we will help you resolve your family law matter effectively and efficiently, so you can move forward with your life.

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