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Standing up to online fraud and theft

It takes a special kind of law firm to pursue cybercriminals. Harding Law’s team has experience with litigation at the intersection of law and technology, and is ready to stand up for consumers in court.

Cryptocurrency and other digital scams cost Americans billions of dollars each year. People of all ages and backgrounds are defrauded quickly, often by someone they thought they could trust. Some lose their life savings.

If you are embarrassed or feel like your financial loss is your fault, it wasn’t. Whether you have been hacked or scammed, contact us today to learn how we can help you file a lawsuit and maximize your chances of recovering your money.

When law enforcement and crypto exchanges refuse to help, Harding Law steps in. We accept cases NATIONWIDE by partnering with attorneys in your state. Call today at 515-287-1454. We work with clients who have claims against scammers, hackers, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Attorney Spotlight

Attorney Joe Casey leads Harding Law’s representation of clients who have suffered from digital frauds. His recent work on behalf of a “pig-butchering” scam victim garnered Harding Law significant attention when it became one of the first law firms globally to sue crypto scammers and serve them on the blockchain using a non-fungible token (NFT) and QR code. He also serves on the American Association for Justice’s Legislative Working Group on Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets.

In addition to his legal training, Joe is credentialed by the McAfee Institute as a Certified Cryptocurrency Forensics Investigator (CCFI) and by the Blockchain Council as a Certified NFT Developer and Ethereum Expert. He is also the co-founder of Iowa’s first tokenization startup and the founding CEO of a leading digital service of process software company.

Joe encourages victims of online scams to reach out to Harding Law immediately.

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