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Spousal support (sometimes called alimony) is a legal obligation to provide financial support to a spouse during a pending divorce or after a final divorce decree is issued. The goal of awarding alimony is to allow both spouses to continue to live the lifestyle they became accustomed to during the marriage.

Under Iowa law, either spouse may be awarded alimony and courts are not permitted to consider gender when making their decision. So whether you are the household income provider or the spouse who takes care of the home and children, it’s important to understand your rights.

Unlike child support, there is no formula that dictates the amount of spousal support that is appropriate in a specific case. Alimony is not an absolute right and is granted at the discretion of the court after consideration of several factors listed in the Iowa Code.

Types of Alimony

Generally, there are three types of spousal support recognized in Iowa. The amount of support awarded, as well as its duration, will differ according to the purpose it is designed to serve.

  • Rehabilitative: Designed to support an economically dependent spouse through a limited period of education and retraining so the dependent spouse can become self-sufficient.

  • Reimbursement: Designed to reimburse a spouse whose work during the marriage directly enhanced the future earning capacity of the other spouse.

  • Traditional: Designed to support a dependent spouse who is incapable of self-support. Usually lasts until death or remarriage of the dependent spouse. 

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