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Equitable Distribution

When spouses divorce, the state of Iowa requires an “equitable distribution” of their marital property. Equitable distribution means a fair – but not necessarily equal – division of property. Iowa courts approach property division from a gender-neutral position and consider numerous statutory factors set out in the Iowa Code when determining how to make an equitable distribution.

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At Harding Law Offices in Des Moines, Iowa, we understand that property division can be an extremely stressful aspect of divorce. You may feel as though you risk losing everything you’ve worked a lifetime to build. We can help you protect what you’ve earned. Contact our Des Moines property division attorneys today for a free consultation.

Marital property generally includes all assets and debts the couple acquired during the marriage. Property that one spouse owned prior to the marriage, as well as property that one spouse inherited or received via gift during the marriage, is generally considered separate property and not subject to division during divorce.

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Our family law attorneys can guide you through the sometimes difficult task of evaluating whether certain property is “marital” or “separate,” as well as assist you in developing an accurate valuation of your marital assets and debts. We will work to ensure you receive the property you deserve so you can feel confident about your financial security as you move forward after your divorce. Contact us today for a free initial consultation regarding property division or any family law issue.